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30 July
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about me;
I'm August, a student, an artist, a fan-girl. I'm currently watching Supernatural, Bones, Castle, Game of Thrones, Nikita and White Collar If you want to know more, just ask. I rarely bite :D
on friending;
If I've friended you and you haven't the foggiest who I am, it's probabaly because I think you're pretty awesome, I'll have left you a comment somewhere. If you want to friend me (\o/), I love new friends, I will probably add you back, please drop me a line somewhere on this journal. I rarely defriend but if you want to, that's absolutely fine, I won't take it personally.
I love spoilers so be wary of them as you look around, I'll warn in the posts but the comments are fair game. Regarding art I always appreciate con-crit so please share, it's all about the learning curve. Most of all, free free to drop by and chat about anything really, giraffes, clouds, how Dean and Cas meant to be, Misha Collins' face, anything at all. :D
Journal header made by me, using a composite of Rebecca Riley's 'Paris' and lines from 'Going Places' by Lemn Sissay